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Erica Blanch, MSEd

Associate Director

Erica Blanch has worked at CMH since 2008, where she is currently the Associate Director. Erica manages a large portfolio of school-based research projects, clinical initiatives, and consultation contracts that engage hundreds of children, families, and teachers in Philadelphia every year. She partners closely with local agencies to promote strong collaboration between the University and community. Erica also leads the CMH executive committee in decisions related to growing the Center’s vast portfolio of activities related to the core mission of improving the lives of people affected by psychiatric and developmental disabilities. Erica has a Master of Science Degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University. She is certified in early childhood and elementary education with a focus on multicultural and urban education. Erica is interested in ways to improve how the family, school, and community work collaboratively to improve access to high quality care for traditionally underserved populations. Before joining the Center, Erica was involved in other educational research initiatives with the University of Pennsylvania, St. Joseph’s University, and The Free Library of Philadelphia.